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Khamis, 6 Mac 2008

Tengku Azlan: People come first

JERANTUT: “The rakyat is the boss and the wakil rakyat is working for them,” said incumbent Jerantut MP Datuk Seri Tengku Azlan Sultan Abu Bakar.
The quote may sound familiar but not many wakil rakyat realise that they work for the people in their constituency instead of the other way round.
Tengku Azlan who is the younger brother of the Sultan of Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah said his late father Sultan Abu Bakar always reminded him to give priority to the people’s problems.
He said the advice had driven him to be close to the people like his elder brother Sultan Ahmad Shah, who is known as Raja berjiwa rakyat,” he said in an interview.

Through thick and thin: Tengku Azlan (right) and Lau (left) meeting villagers in Kampung Lekok.Tengku Azlan opined that the people’s acceptance of the Barisan Nasional government since Merdeka was positive.
“Frankly speaking, if an opposition MP wins, he would find much difficulty in dealing with voters in remote areas.
“I don’t mind going to the remote areas in my constituency including the orang asli settlements because I am used to the areas and I love meeting them and listening to their problems.
“The opposition only comes during election time unlike us who are always there with them when they are in trouble,” he said.
Tengku Azlan said Jerantut needed more development as it was a gateway to the popular Gunung Tahan.
“The town is lively as visitors come from all over the world to visit Taman Negara.
“However development must be well balanced as the natural flora and fauna are the main asset for tourism and other resources,” he said.
He said Felcra and Felda schemes were common economic activities here and in some remote areas their traditional economic activities were tourists attractions, too.
Tengku Azlan said most of the remote areas in Kuala Tahan would be accessible when a 56km road was constructed linking Kampung Tuit in Kuala Tahan to Kampung Mat Daling, located further upstream of Sungai Tembeling.
On Barisan’s chances of retaining the parliamentary and three state seats namely Tahan, Damak and Pulau Tawar, Tengku Azlan said he was confident that voters would choose a candidate who could serve them well.
Damak incumbent assemblyman Datuk Lau Lee said he was fighting a difficult battle to retain the seat.
The four-term assemblyman Lau will be contesting in a three-cornered fight against PKR’s Mohd Nor Jaafar and independent candidate Koh Boon Heng.
Lau who is the Jerantut MCA divison chief and Pahang MCA vice-chairman said he had tried his best to deliver the promises he made.
The Tahan seat which was won by PAS in 1999, will be contested by new face Datuk Wan Amizan Wan Razak who is the Jerantut Umno division Youth chief.
At 33, the young and energetic Wan Amizan has promised to propose restructuring village settlements along Sungai Tembeling.
Wan Amizan said the villagers have difficulties in marketing their products.
“They need a bridge to cross the river to have access to market their agricultural products.
“The bridge is the catalyst for further development and growth. Previously, the matter was overlooked,” he said.
Wan Amizan will contest against PAS candidate Nuridah Mohd Salleh, who is from Pekan.

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